Improvised Session

After a recent parting of ways with the other Mistresses I worked with, I was left with limited equipment to session with. The joys of sharing, am I right? To most Mistresses this would have been devastating and spell the end of their Dungeon days but I had the pleasure of Apprenticing under one of the Best Mistress you could find, I can hear Her saying “A Mistress worth Her salt can session anywhere, with anything”. I’ve taken it to heart.

So… Enter my first play partner sans equipment. He came in for a chat and was super keen to have a session right away even with the knowledge that I had next to no equipment. During our initial negotiation he mentioned that he wanted to push his boundaries and explore sounds, electrics and heavy restraint just to name a few. As I don’t have the items to provide that level of session content, I explained my situation and told him to give me 10 minutes to do a scavenger hunt for items and they we can discuss the possibilities. I returned and again we entered into the negotiation, he had his heart set on being pushed during the session. We outlined the content that was possible and agreed on all essential activities then went through the pre-session health checks. Tribute offered and instructions on cleanliness, wait position and wuss word given, I left him to it and completed gathering my items.

I entered the room and My eyes fell upon the play partner, kneeling in a waiting pose with his eyes on the floor, I giggled a little as I slowly circled him. I purposely trailed my steel bucket full of goodies slowly passed his face, I noticed a look of curiosity on his face as I moved toward to bench and upended the content.. Out tumbled a few bundles of rope, a cock-tie, a steel bristled brush, a metal S-hook, a body stocking, bra, panties, assorted dildos and strap-on, an ice pack, heat pad, plastic wrap, pillow case, scissors, a slated wooden mat, and enough gloves and condoms to choke a goat.

The session started like all others, authority established and the over all mood set. Ropes bound and junk tied, songs sung and water poured, balls stretched and cheeks spanked, and tonnes of laughs from Me and moans from him. Standard content intermingled with some Guantanamo bay awesomeness made for one boundary pushing event and by the end of it he was sated, and amazed at what is possible with such little BDSM specific equipment.

I was so pleased to know that even though things may not be optimal, I was able to come through and provide a mind blowing session that I prey that My former Head Mistress would be proud of…..